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Terms and conditions of the Swap-Free Account

  1. “Swap-free” option is applicable to all accounts.
  2.  After you shift your account to swap-free one, the overnight financing cost is deducted and it varies according to the asset and the trading volume. Remaining trading terms and conditions still apply.
  3. To set up the “Swap-free” service, you have to open a trading account and contact our support team in any of the ways listed below:
    1.Send us an email to [email protected].
    2.Contact us through our 24/5 live chat.
  4. While changing the account to “Swap-free” one, all the trades must be closed, it is mandatory.
  5. The client can terminate the service at any time by contacting our support team.
  6. Be advised that AdroFx reserves the right to reject the service at any time without prior notice and/or clarifying. If the service is terminated by the Company, the account will be charged swaps as specified in terms & conditions.