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Make a deposit of 300$ and above and after 30 days we will recover your trades with a tradable bonus up to 30%. Profit is yours, risk we share!

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    Becoming a good trader takes some time, effort, and money. To help you on this way we design a new Insurance Promo.

  • From 300$ to 499$

    Recover 1 trade up to 15% of your initial investment

  • from 500$ to 999$

    Recover 2 trades up to 20% of your initial investment

  • 1 000$

    Recover 3 trades up to 30% of your initial investment

Why should you claim this bonus ?

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How to take part in promo?

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To learn more about AdroFx Insurance Promo 2022 check the Terms and Conditions

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Don't miss out, this offer is available to both new and existing clients!

Not sure what package to choose? Contact your manager or Live Chat at any time.

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