How to Be a Successful Trading Affiliate Marketer 2021

How to Be a Successful Trading Affiliate Marketer 2021

Trading affiliate programs are deservedly popular among webmasters and traders for a long time. It is connected with the fact that the details of vertical work have been studied at length. Indeed, to work successfully as an introducing broker you do not need to have profound knowledge of the forex market or extensive experience in trading. Besides, the forex trading affiliate program implies rather solid monetary compensation for each new client. Have you thought of becoming a trading affiliate? Of course, you have and you probably found that complicated and tricky.

So, today we will unveil the forex trading affiliate program and will provide you with some tips on how it actually works and what to look for when you are about to start your partnership.


How to earn money online with Referral Programs

Let us first find out what a forex trading affiliate program is. An affiliate program is a convenient format of mutually beneficial cooperation between a brokerage company and its partner (IB). The process is based on the mechanism of attracting new clients to the broker's platform, where the partner receives a commission for registering a user or performing certain actions by the introduced client. Almost any adult, capable of promoting the company's services and attracting new clients, can become a broker partner, using the provided materials or independently selecting tools and technologies.

There are several ways to earn with the forex trading affiliate program. The first one is the CPA plan, which means that the partner is paid for the introduced client some fixed amount, for example, $500. This type of commission can be very lucrative, but there are some aspects to consider: the reward depends on the country of the client and the amount of his first deposit. Additionally, there will be some requirements in terms of trading, let`s say the client will need to trade at least 5 lots on his account.

The second type of trading affiliate programs is the Rebate per lot (it`s also called Revenue share). Here the partner`s reward is based on clients` trading volume. It means that you are liable to get the part of the spread trader pays placing orders. For instance, an affiliate can be paid $20 for each lot traded by the client he brought to the company. Of course, there are some conditions to meet, like a minimum number of referred clients and the minimum trading volume per month/per each client.


How does affiliate marketing in financial trading work

How does affiliate marketing in financial trading work

Each new partner joining the forex trading affiliate program receives a referral link for work. The peculiarity of such a link is that it can be used to determine from which partner the client came to the site and performed the paid action.

The partner places his link along with the appealing material for the target audience. Both the creatives (proposed materials) and the place of placement (social networks, mailing lists, websites) must not only meet the requirements of the broker but also make the Internet user follow the link and register (or make the first deposit).

After the desired action, the broker pays the partner a predetermined fee.

The affiliate partner can monitor the effectiveness of the entire advertising campaign, changing the strategy if necessary, and thus increasing the payout.

An important place in the work of the partner is the right choice of the target audience. Some of its features, such as age over 21 years old, can be described in advance by the advertiser in the offer. In addition, people who have enough money to invest can be interested in Forex and the opportunity to make money with the help of this financial instrument. At the same time, they need to understand the economic nuances to a certain extent: on the one hand, they have heard of Forex and understand how it can work, on the other hand, their knowledge is not enough for independent investment.

The second most important thing is the channel for getting traffic. Traditionally, the broker rejects any kind of fraud or misleading content. There are some specific restrictions in forex offers: spam in social networks, placing links on sites with porn topics, using messengers and SMS, as well as video advertising are prohibited. The best-converted traffic is from sites with Forex ratings, financial thematic sites, and social networks.

It is possible to earn with the help of a forex trading affiliate program both independently and through an affiliate network. The second option is much more profitable for partners, despite the presence of the intermediary. It's connected with the fact that an affiliate network is more trustworthy for the broker than a single referral. In addition, the network usually receives long-term, that is, more favorable conditions for work: brokers are willing to improve conditions and increase payments for the sake of a guarantee of good and stable results.

Each broker is interested in attracting new clients and increasing trading turnover. That's why each of them is ready to contribute in every possible way to bring new clients to their partner, providing informational support. So, most brokers provide a lot of marketing tools for affiliate partners, including banners, videos, tutorials, template emails, and so on. As you see, you will not have to invent anything new, the broker will get you fully equipped.


Which broker should I be an affiliate for

Which broker should I be an affiliate for

If you want to become a trading affiliate, it is very important to choose the right partner. You have to see if the options you are considering will lead to maximum profit and if you succeed in convincing the traders to sign up. Choosing the best broker to work with is two-fold. The number one thing to do is to check the conditions offered in the affiliate program. The most important thing here is not to chase the biggest number since it can be too good to be true. Let's say, the broker offers $2000 for each CPA client which is twice more than the average on the market and you are feeling super lucky to get such conditions. Then you find out that the broker is not going to pay you giving a million reasons for that, or just ignoring you. And what's the point of this 2k if you will never get it... So, what we say is that make sure to look for a reputable broker without too fancy commissions.

Secondly, you should look for the broker with the best trading conditions, so to say, from the client's perspective. It is crucial because this is the product you will be selling to your customers. With the competitive spreads, different market tools, and attractive website, your job is half done. Finally, it's worth making sure that the platform provides access to a wide range of financial instruments, including forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. In such a way you will be able to grab a wider audience.


Why we think you should become an affiliate of AdroFx today.

As we have mentioned above, the choice of affiliate broker to work with is pretty tough and complex. Indeed, so many factors should be taken into, including the reliability, conditions, as well as commissions offered.

Considering all that, we can say with confidence that AdroFx is one of the best brokers on the market in terms of forex trading affiliate programs. And here is why.

First of all, 20+ years of experience in the financial markets made it possible for the company to tailor the perfect trading environment for traders, which means that it will be much easier for you to bring new clients - they will rush here, you will not have to convince them.

Secondly, AdroFx offers three types of partnership programs - Rebate per lot (up to$30), CPA (up to $1200), and Hybrid plan, which is the combination of the first two (CPA up to $600 and rebate $15). With that, you can choose anything that fits your marketing arena, your target audience, and the strategy in general.

Also, given the fact that the company is working with clients from 200+ countries gives you unlimited opportunities to attract clients from all over the globe. Being a well-established brokerage company, AdroFx needs you just as much as you need them, so you can rest assured that you will get here all the support and assistance needed on your affiliate path.


Final Thoughts: Successful Affiliate Marketing

Wrapping up, we can say that financial markets are not just about opening and closing short and long positions. There are other ways to make money here and with due diligence and proper management, one can get decent earnings from a forex trading affiliate program. No doubt, the best part here is that both broker and partner are interested in making the most out of this cooperation, so once you make up your mind to get started, you can sleep peacefully knowing that you will get all it takes for you to succeed.